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Come celebrate one of the final Chicago artists month show this FRIDAY OCT 24th at the new 15th & WEST space from 6-11 pm. I’m proud to be a part of this space with such great artists!!


Working with print master Michel Cornu in Colmar FR 2014

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I’m here in DF meeting with Martha Cooper! I will be showing with her for the first in MEXCITY! For those who don’t know she is one of the legendary photographers that made the most influential book on subway graffiti. I remember being a freshman at De La Salle going through Subway Art with a magnifying glass reading the tags and throw ups in the hood…




Mario Gonzalez Jr at ArtFix London this weekend with a video piece followed by paintings this Spring.

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A collaboration at 72nd and Exchange with Liz Lazdins and Brazilian artists Rodrigo Level and Gabriel Kieling. Our contribution to a much larger project to cover the walls of South Shore with murals and site specific installations.

For the last two years, Chicago based Mario Gonzalez Jr (ZORE). has been working in partnership with me and 33 Contemporary Gallery for a number of local and international projects. Last month, Mario Gonzalez Jr. realized a trip to Mexico making stops at the Institute of Culture in Baja California where he represented the 33 Contemporary during the opening of Cultural Symbiosis. Then, he traveled to Mexico City where he stayed for a few weeks making art and establishing new working relationships. Coming up this year is a solo show at the MIIT MUSEO INTERNAZIONALE ITALIA ARTE in Turin, Italy and a group show at Museo del Chopo in Mexico City among other surprises.

The following video by Supra Footware and Mr Fame documents Mario’s work in DF (Mexico City).  Enjoy!!!



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… Thanks for coming and visiting the studio! -Mario

Valuing Art


Opening tonight at 33 Contemporary Gallery at the Zhou B Center in Chicago is an exhibition of graffiti style paintings by Mario Gonzalez Jr. Also opening tonight at the Zhou B Center main gallery is a group exhibition featuring artwork by a group of former and contemporary Chicago graffiti artists, titled HAS BEENS AND WANNABES that was curated by Gonzalez. I was fortunate to be able to preview the show yesterday when I stopped in the art center to say hello to Sergio Gomez, Director/Curator of 33 Contemporary. Both exhibits open tonight, Friday, January 18 at 7pm and run through February 9, 2013.

Mario was very enthusiastic about sharing details about his new body of work that is in tonight’s show. Two large abstract paintings flanked the entryway hall of the Zhou B Center, but the rest of Mario’s work was still in his studio when I visited.  Mario commented…

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Sergio Gomez- amazing artist and curator- comments on “Has Beens & Wannabees” a group show, curated by yours truly currently up at the Zhou B Art Center.


I must admit that just a few years ago, I did not know a whole lot about street and urban art in Chicago.  I did not know the history or who were  the main protagonists. However, since I met graffiti legend Mario “ZORE” Gonzalez Jr a couple years ago, I have come to learn, appreciate and admire these hard working artists.  Many of them are now the subject of a major show that opens Friday, January 18th at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.  Mario not only is an important figure in the urban style but also is the key player who helped gather all these wonderful artists for the exhibition. As the curator of “Has Beens & Wannabes”, Mario Gonzalez highlights the work of 21 artists who trace their careers back to the 80’s and 90’s tagging in the streets of Chicago.  They are back together under one…

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