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Thanks to the collectors who have found happy homes for my creations. Without your support and love for my work nothing would be possible.


Click HERE for Mario Gonzalez Jr website…

Simbiosis Cultural, Institute of Culture of Baja California

The show was beautiful! Thanks to the Institute and my hosts for making the show and my visit a success!

Laura A. Sprague Gallery, Joliet Junior College

Thanks to Joilet Junior College’s Laura A Sprague Gallery and my friends at 33 Contemporary for including my piece “Brigitte.”


Please come by and check out my latest works is this beautiful gallery! Running until Feb 9th the show icludes conceptual work, colorful pieces and small works on wood.

“In the somber world of contemporary art, ZORE’s large scale paintings are thrilling combination of letterforms, long brushstrokes, and paint drips on abstract monochromatic surfaces. His lines are spontaneous and yet controlled, like a skater’s perfect figures on ice, dashing, curving, and landing with aplomb. Using raw and reclaimed materials such as wood panels, old furniture pieces, crates, and door scraps, Gonzalez tags each painting with the confident strokes of one who has spent years mastering his craft.”
– Mary A Osborne, Art & Culture:,