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Not to be missed! A two-man show with Sergio Gomez ( April 5- May 31.
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Photos provided by Sergio Gomez.


Paint Paste Sticker flyerBus shelter 2White Zore Sculpture

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A few photos from my stay in Mexico City. I was able to paint, study and visit amazing museums and murals, make new friends and reconnect with old. Gracias and see you soon!


Please come by and check out my latest works is this beautiful gallery! Running until Feb 9th the show icludes conceptual work, colorful pieces and small works on wood.

“In the somber world of contemporary art, ZORE’s large scale paintings are thrilling combination of letterforms, long brushstrokes, and paint drips on abstract monochromatic surfaces. His lines are spontaneous and yet controlled, like a skater’s perfect figures on ice, dashing, curving, and landing with aplomb. Using raw and reclaimed materials such as wood panels, old furniture pieces, crates, and door scraps, Gonzalez tags each painting with the confident strokes of one who has spent years mastering his craft.”
– Mary A Osborne, Art & Culture:,

“At the Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport, a group of these urban legends are receiving some well deserved attention. From Friday, Jan. 18 through Saturday, Feb. 9, Gonzalez will be presenting their works in his historically significant curatorial project, “Has Beens & Wannabes.” … Twenty-one of these creative visionaries who started out in the ’80s and ’90s, including the talented James Jankowiak, Chris Silva, and Tyrone Whiteside, have been gathered together by Gonzalez. Having pioneered one of the most controversial and influential urban art movements of our time, they continue to expand their artistic vision…”
– Mary A. Osborne, Arts & Culture,